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Aluminum Hookah Bowl

The only advantage that brass bowls have is that they don’t break

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ALuminum hookah bowl is easy  to custome make,so as the color.The MOQ is 500pcs.

Size and package could be designed based on the MOQ 500pcs.

The only advantage that brass bowls have is that they don’t break. So if you travel a lot and carry your hookah with you. Metal bowls are a good choice for you. Metal bowls heat up quickly and can be hard to manage heat effectively. But we will plate some ceramic on the bowl surface to manage the heat characteristics.


1.Compared to traditional silicone bowls, it is more likely to maintain the original flavor of tobacco without the appearance of stickiness and charring.

2.Easy heating control: The vents can be opened when they start to become harsh and close again to get more heat to your hookah.

3.There is a handle on the hot pot for easy installation and removal. Avoid burns your hands when using.

4.The perfect smoking experience: the ideal head, even tobacco distribution combined with a huge draught ensures that you have a rich and pleasant smoke.

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