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Clay Hookah Bowl

The most popular bowls are clay bowls

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This clay bowl is similar to traditional clay bowls and has been used to smoke tobacco for centuries. This sleek brown clay bowl is very sturdy and is probably suitable for any type of hookah. This type of clay bowl is the first choice for Hookah smokers who want to use a more traditional bowl to cater to their hookah. Clay bowls have many advantages because they do not get dirty or rust, are easy to clean, and retain a lot of heat when smoking in a hookah.


It is well known that clay can dissipate heat better, and interestingly, it brings more flavor. Our large clay hookahs are handmade and the strength of the glass can withstand everyday use. Its wide holes promote good airflow and improve smoke quality. The shape of the bowl is very deep and wide. Load a large amount of Fumari tobacco and enjoy it.


The most popular bowls are clay bowls.They do a good job of keeping the heat inside the bowl and need less number of coals. Most true clay bowls are made by hand on a pottery wheel. The clay .bowl hookah manage the heat perfectly.

We could custom make the clay bowls on the MOQ 1000pcs.

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