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Copper Hookah Bowl

The only advantage that brass or copper bowls have is that they don’t break

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The Farida Hookah is both a dazzling piece of art and a truly technically superior product with unparalleled smoking efficiency. We provide design and manufacturing services according to customer requirements, and we have a new line of hookah and hookah accessories every month.


The copper and brass bowl is easy to make, because the copper and brass are soft.


Color: copper and brass 

Package: custom make

The  advantage that brass or copper bowls have is that they don’t break. So if you travel a lot and carry your hookah with you,you could try this copper bowl. 


1. Suitable for families, foreign restaurants, bars, clubs, luxury hotels, etc.

2. High quality glass, metal, copper, stainless steel and zinc alloy materials

3. Beautiful and practical, is a new generation of stylish casual smoking

4. Unique handmade, exclusive Egypt

5.Hookahs has top smoking efficiency

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