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Copper Hookah Hose

A copper hookah hose and a silicone hose make a copper hookah hose

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There are one or two hoses in a hookah, which is a flexible tube and it allows smoke to be drawn from a distance. simultaneous, it allows the cooling down of smoke before it gets inhaled. The inhaling end of tube is connected with a mouthpiece which is made up of metal or wood. There are many variations in the size, material and shape of mouthpiece.


Copper hookah hose is the same as the brass hookah hose.

We could custom make all the sizes and colors based on the MOQ.500pcs.

Package: paper,plastic.....

Lead time: 20 working days

A copper hookah hose and a silicone hose make a copper hookah hose.


Designed for everyday use, this hookah hose features a long handle for easy grip and 80 inches long. The tip of the mouth is molded from plastic and coated with water to repel water. This large hose can be easily removed from the hookah and is available in a variety of colors. 

The silicone used to make this amazingly durable hookah hose also helps prevent ghosting in the hose, producing perfect, odorless smoke every time it is used. The hose is available in black and dark blue. It features a durable anodized aluminum handle for a super tough, almost scratch-resistant hookah handle.

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