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4 Hose Hookah Stem

The hookh stem is the main part of the smoking pipe

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The four hose hookahs were invented to meet the needs of modern hookah enthusiasts. Traditionally, the hookah is enjoyed with a hose. But in this era, social gatherings are an important part of how we spend our leisure time. Four hose hookahs are perfect for our needs! Multiple hoses allow you to invite more friends to enjoy the hookah.


4 hose hookah stem is for 4 persons.

Stem materials could be custom made.

MOQ is 200pcs.

Logo would added freely upon the MOQ  200pcs.


Four hose hooks do not have to wait! Four hose hooks avoid any downtime while waiting for the hose to pass to you. Although all four smokers are unable to smoke at the same time, the four-hose hookah is designed to provide a refreshing, smooth mouthfeel for everyone.

Experience the convenience of a four hose hookah. But with our hookah, you can actually save some money. Many of our single, 2 or 3 hose hooks easily turn into hookahs with four hoses. All you have to do is reconfigure the stem adapter that comes with most hookahs. This is a great way to save.

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