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Aluminum Hookah Stem

Anodized Aluminum stem is relatively light and easy to clean

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Anodized Aluminum stem is relatively light and easy to clean.The starbuzz stem is one of the most famous hookah stem which is made from anodized aluminum, resulting in the most durable finish out there. Anodized aluminum plume kit, including threaded parts, base, grey board, head adapter and screw-in valve for hose connection.


One of the two hose valves on the base is equipped with a connector for simple connection of the hose via the "PLUG" hose connector. The other valve is closed by the cover, but can also be converted into a hose connection.

The hookah includes a hose interface kit that includes a hygienic and easy-to-clean, color-matched silicone hose and a tube from a special interface.

The locking of the base to the threaded portion is not tightened in a conventional manner, but is only closed in a half turn. Because there are two metal pins on the quasi-thread, there are two milling slots on the base.

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