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Hookah Stem Pipe

The hookh stem is the main part of the smoking pipe

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Hookah Stem


Stem materials

Surface finishing




Spray   Coating,


Sanding   anodized.


Degreasing   treatment,



Stainless Steel

Whitening   treatment,

Bright   mirror treatment;

Coloring   treatment


Wood   hardening,

Waxing   wood,

Wood   painting,

How to use hookah:

Step 1 separate the glass base from the valve stem. While some Hookahs' poles will be screwed into the base, others use rubber sleeves to connect and you need to twist and pull them. Sometimes adding water around the rubber sleeve helps it separate. Water step 2

Fill the glass base with cold water. If possible, mix in ice to get cooler smoke. When reinstalling the stem, the bottom should be immersed in water only 1 to 1.5 inches. Secure the stem to the glass base. Use rubber gaskets to ensure a tight fit and airtight fit. Then connect your Hookah hose (use a grommet to make sure it is airtight). Place the Hookah tray on top of the stem.

Step 3

Use a fork to pick up some tobacco in a bowl. You want to pack the tobacco a few millimeters gently under the edge. Create a pencil-width hole in the tobacco center to help keep the air flowing.

Step 4

Wrap the foil around the top of the bowl and use your poker to make small holes in a cylindrical shape. When finished, place the bowl on top of the stem and ensure a hermetic seal with a grommet.

Step 5

Carefully inspect all the connecting parts of the hookah - hoses, kettles and hoses - make sure they are securely connected and airtight with rubber gaskets

Step 6

Ignite 3 to 4 coals until they turn red and use some pliers to place them on the edge of the bowl. Place the coal evenly around the bowl to avoid uneven heat distribution, which will burn the tobacco faster. Inhalation. expiration. repeat. Add new hot coal as needed later to keep the hookah running.

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