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Mini Hookah Stem

Mini Hookah Stem

The hookh stem is the main part of the smoking pipe.The portable hookah stem also called water pipe stem,smoke stems,hookah stem pipe could be custom made to your needs. 2 hoses hookah stem, 3 hoses hookah stem,or 4 hoses hookah stem , 5 hoses hookah stem, 6 hoses hookah stem, 8 hoses hookah...

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Designed for smokers who love smoke, this hookah is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it ideal for all types of smokers. With our special design, you can increase and reduce the size of the hookah by rotating a few turns on the thread. Our products provide the highest quality materials that produce the smoothest smoke throughout the process.

The hookah can be smoked through the hookah of the hookah. The hookah and the hookah are both cleaned by the water in the bag and the tube, and sucked by the mouth to make a negative pressure inside, so that the flue gas passes through the water inhalation port, and the sound is emitted when sucking, which is really "the most difficult to find." It is said that this can reduce harmful ingredients. If the cigarette butt is filled with white sugar water, the smoke smoked has a sweet taste; the licorice mint water can quench the thirst.


Material:wood ,aluminum,copper,brass.........

Color:custom make

Size: custom make

Package: custom make



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