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Water Hookah Down Stem


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How to assemble your hookah:

1. Add water to the bottom of the hookah

Use enough water to immerse the downpipe about 1/2 inch to 1 inch. It may be helpful to keep the shaft near the base of the hookah (at the same height as the base) when adding water for accurate measurements.

2. Insert the hookah shaft into the base.

Attach the water hood base grommet to the shaft, firmly grasp the shaft's "heart" and insert it into the base while tightening it "down" until a strong seal is established and the shaft is placed vertically on the base. If you are experiencing difficulties, it may help to lubricate or apply lubricant (try some water first) to the base grommet for easy insertion.

3. Connect the hookah hose to the hookah bag.

Place the hookah hose into the hose adapter. Make sure to use a hookah hose grommet to ensure a hermetic seal. The hose grommet can be identified as a shorter grommet attached to the hookah bag, which is usually already in place in the hookah hose adapter. It may be helpful to insert the hose in a twisting motion. Repeat this step as many times as needed for a multi-hose hookah.

4. Place a hookah on the water pipe.

The tip of the hookpipe is inserted into the end of the hose. Smoking hookahs do not require oral straws, but are used for hygienic purposes when smoking with multiple people (everyone should use their own tip).

5. Place the hookah tray on top of the hookah shaft.

Place the hookah tray on top of the shaft. The tray will be placed on top of the stabilizer ring. The tray is loose but stable. It is not "locked" on the small Mya hookah.

6. Place a hookah gasket on the hookah bowl.

The Hookah bowl gasket ensures a hermetic seal between the bowl top at the top of the shaft and the bowl itself. You are now ready to prepare your hookah bowl!

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