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Water Pipe Stem Set

The hookh stem is the main part of the smoking pipe.

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1. Filter out most of the tar in the cigarette, reduce the intake of the tar of the smoker, and reduce the tar to accelerate the hardening of the heart and cerebral blood vessels.

2, sputum reduction, sputum color is lighter: use Water Pipe Stem Set, can effectively separate more than 80% of harmful substances in tobacco, can effectively alleviate symptoms such as cough, phlegm, sore throat caused by smoking.

3, delay the symptoms of yellow teeth, black teeth and other symptoms

4, the smell of smoke is more alcoholic: the people who used it are very clear, the smell of smoke becomes mellow, because the cigarette holders mostly trap the particles in the Water Pipe Stem Set, which removes most of the solid matter, and let The gas-like smoke passes through. These gaseous substances are basically aromatic substances, so the smell of the tobacco is changed to alcohol, the fragrance is retained, and the impurities are filtered out.


The smoking water pipe stem set is the important part the hookah.

The smoking water pipe stem set: aluminum,copper, brass.....

Surface finishing:custom make



External cleaning

Wipe gently with a soft cotton cloth, especially the smoking water pipe stem set part. Since it will always be held by the mouth, be sure to pay attention to hygiene. It is recommended to use hot water before using it, then use a paper towel to remove water droplets or Dry it.

Internal cleaning

It is recommended that the user do a simple wipe cleaning after use. Generally, it is necessary to clean up when the smoking is tight during use. The cleaning is carried out in sections, and the special attention is given to the smoking water pipe stem set of any style. When pulling out, it should be pulled out in a spiral manner, which has a great influence on the sealing effect of protecting it; after being pulled out, the part is wiped and cleaned, and the filtering small hole is cleaned by a needle.

If it has not been cleaned for a long time, it is not easy to clean the residual tar. After immersing it, it is soaked in warm water of about 50 minutes. After soaking for about ten minutes, wipe it, or put a little detergent to soak it. The method must be used after the water is naturally dried, otherwise the smell of smoke oil will affect the mood.



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