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Water Pipe Stem

The hookh stem is the main part of the smoking pipe

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Silicone rubber is a new type of polymer elastic material with excellent high temperature resistance (250-300 ° C) and low temperature resistance (-40-60 ° C). It has good physiological stability and can withstand repeated and severe requirements. And disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and permanent deformation (200 ° C 48 hours no more than 50%), breakdown voltage (20-25KV / mm), ozone resistance, UV resistance. It is resistant to radiation and has special oil resistance.


The smoking water pipe stem could be custom made from its materials to its package based on the MOQ. 500pcs.

The matetials: aluminum,stainless steel ,zinc alloy

The color: black,white,red,blue.......

The size: 10cm-80cm

Surface finishing:

Quantiy hose:1 hose,2 hoses,3 hoses,4 hoses, 5 hoses, 6 hoses

Color of silicone hose: black,white,red,blue.......

Food grade silicone hose,the sizes could be custom made.


1 continuous use temperature range: -60 ° C ~ 200 ° C

2 soft, arc resistant, corona resistant

3 can be customized according to customer requirements.

4 harmless, non-toxic and tasteless

5 high pressure, environmental protection


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