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Wooden Hookah Stem

This is the other modern styles of hookah stem that fall into a more traditional category that you are not likely to find

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This is the other modern styles of hookah stem that fall into a more traditional category that you are not likely to find. Some hookahs designed for jurak and tobamel have wooden stems that are made to absorb and retain the flavors of the tobacco.

Wooden Hookah Stem is made from recycled wood and anodized space-grade aluminum parts. The beautiful wooden hookah used separates the hookah from other industries. Combining a sophisticated design with a high level of engineering, this hookah delivers exceptional performance and a world-class look, creating a super premium hookah that lasts for many years.


The Wooden Hookah Stem is a truly remarkable wooden hookah with a unique geometric design and a variety of curved lines. It is stored in a retail-style box that is easy to carry, easy to travel and protect. The hose has a spring on one end to prevent any kinking, and a beautifully designed aluminum handle that is specially shaped for comfortable grip. This hookah has a spacious drawer and is a single hose hookah that can be converted into a 2-hose model. This decoration can be used for decoration and smoking fun, providing entertainment for the next few years.

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