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Art Hookah Tray

Art hookah tray needs art design; we will offer you the design service

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Art Hookah Tray is an exquisite hand-made hookah tray that focuses on floral vine patterns and traditional designs. It fits most Egyptian and Chinese style hookahs and includes a platform to sit down. This tray will capture any falling ash from your hookah charcoal while making the hookah look more beautiful than it is now. This hookah tray is 100% handmade and may vary slightly.


Art hookah tray needs art design; we will offer you the design service.

Materials: Aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, wood……

Surface finishing: custom made


There are many innovations in Art Hookah Tray. We make the tray more traditional and have raised edges. You'll notice that half of the design uses a network-like design, one to keep the coal and allow the air to flow under it, preventing them from getting darker at the bottom. This also prevents your pallets and your stem from warming up because of the coal placed on it.

Large Egyptian hookah trays can be used when handling hot charcoal, or as a place to place pliers.

These are essential items for hand-made hookahs made in China.

The large Egyptian hookah tray is an attachment to the anesthetic tube coal.

These accessories protect your carpet from ash that falls from the hookah.


Please note that the listed sizes are estimates only and may vary by Art Hookah Tray. Before ordering, make sure this tray can be mounted on top of the Hookah stem.

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