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Hookah Ash Catcher

Hookah ash catcher also called hookah try plate

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Among all hookah accessories, hookah trays are often underestimated in their importance. If there is no one, every time you smoke, there will be a mess in your hand. During your conversation, coal forms ash that can fall from the bowl. Excess tobacco will also fall from the bowl. Hookah pallets solve these problems and can also be used to set up additional coal. The hookah tray minimizes the overall confusion and makes the meeting clearer.


Hookah trays are as diverse as the hookahs they sit on. Every smoker likes hookahs of different sizes and styles, and you need a tray that suits your hookah choice. 

Hookah Ash Catcher is perfect for using glass hookah or any hookah. This is a perfect size that will allow your charcoal to be ashed and pour it out afterwards or rinse with water for deeper cleansing.

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