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Stainless Steel Hookah Pipes

100% stainless steel custom made hookah pipe body parts.

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Stainless Steel Hookah Pipes also features a stainless steel down tube that is designed to achieve a part of the traditional smoking experience. This medium-sized drill has the same durability, rust and corrosion resistance as external motion. In addition to these attributes, the lower level will never hold a powerful hookah flavor profile that could disrupt future smoke sessions. A quick rinse and hookah will eliminate any pungent taste - good news for the owner of the hookah lounge who needs to quickly turn the hookah to maximize sales.


100% stainless steel custom made hookah pipe body parts. Stainless steel Hookah pipes and other hookah accessories are high quality and durable.

Vase materials choice: Custom made

Hoses color:custom made

Surface finishing:polishing, plating.......


High quality stainless steel water pipe

Perfect full complement with chimney top and silicone hose kit

Integrierter molasses catcher for a clean plume

Flexible hose connection

Practical and convenient hose hose holder storage

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