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Aluminum wastepipes hookah or hookah waterpipes are relatively light and easy to custom make

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Aluminum wastepipes hookah or hookah waterpipes are relatively light and easy to custom make, because of the aluminum characteristics.From its tray plate to down stem, all the hookah water pipes could be custom made with aluminum.


The main part of the hookah is in the lower part of the pot. The lower part is a container. When using it, some liquid can be put in. The average person will put water. The height of the water is higher than the stainless steel tube inside, reaching the hookah three. The height of the second can be enough. The water is not too full. If it is too full, there is not much room for the smoke in the pot. If the space is not big enough, you will be very hard to pump. But the water can't be loaded too little. If it is too little, the smoke will not be effectively filtered. Although the hookah does not contain nicotine, it contains a small amount of tar. If it is directly pumped, many tars will enter people's. In the respiratory system, it is harmful to the human body, but after filtering the water, many tars and impurities are filtered by the water.

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