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Brass Water Pipes

Brass wastepipes hookah or hookah waterpipes are relatively heavy and easy to work

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Make sure the tube in the main tube is immersed in water of about 1-2 cm. If the water level is not suitable, please arrange the water level accordingly. Connect the hose to the trunk and make sure the fitting is sealed. Place your hand on top of the water pipe and inhale through the hose to test if your settings are tight. No ventilation should be passed. If any air bubbles form in the water, it means that the air passes, in which case check the trunk pipe and the ring of the glass base in the trunk, if necessary, you should tighten them without forcing them.


Brass wastepipes hookah or hookah waterpipes: brass made

Brass made waterpipes are high end.Welcome your own design.

Because of the brass characteristics, it will need daily care.

From its tray plate to down stem, all the hookah water pipes could be custom made with brass.


 It is recommended to blow the tube at regular intervals to release high-density air from the air release valve to the glass base to enhance the smoking experience. If the air is not exhausted from the exhaust valve, although it is inflated from the tube, the valve should be unscrewed from right to left, then the ball and its hose should be cleaned, and after cleaning and drying, it should be tightened again.

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