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Copper Water Pipes

Copper Water Pipes

Copper wastepipes hookah or hookah water pipes are relatively heavy and easy to work

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The hose(s) are elongate flexible tubes that allow the smoke to be drawn a distance and cooled prior to inhalation. The ends are usually fitted with metal, wooden or plastic mouthpieces of different shapes, sizes, colors or material types.


Copper wastepipes hookah or hookah water pipes are relatively heavy and easy to work, because of the copper characteristics. From its tray plate to down stem, all the hookah water pipes could be custom made with copper.

High quality water pipe

Filter harmful nicotine

Light weight and easy to carry

Made of high quality acrylic and alloy

Broken proof, very suitable for external use

The compact design is perfect for travel.

Value water pipe.

Cold clean every time.

Made a great gift.

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