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Acrylic Hookah Shisha

Acrylic hookah shisha is durable and hard to break

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Acrylic Hookah has no trouble with proper assembly and the trouble of breaking your hookah. This new revolutionary design includes an almost indestructible acrylic base and a gas-tight screw on the shaft, which means that no annoying rubber base buttonholes are difficult to put on and take off. With this new experience a new look. The revolutionary shape of the pedestal allows for the accumulation of large amounts of smoke inside it, and the large ceramic bowl gives you plenty of room to pack your seasoned tobacco, and the heavy-duty shaft ensures a long service life.


Acrylic hookah shisha is durable and hard to break, that is why more and more people will choose the acrylic as the water vase instead of the glass one.


Color: custom made


Acrylic Hookah features four different lighting settings, adjustable brightness capabilities, and countless other options offered by Bluetooth-controlled applications. The base is made of acrylic, unlike traditional hookah glass bases, so you don't have to worry about breaking this beauty. The base design collects more smoke in its clear circular base, ensuring an excellent smoke experience. Created with different fruits and ice cubes to enhance the taste and experience of your favorite smart hookah.

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