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Wooden hookahs(Wooden bongs) has elegant and steady appearance like Ragel hookahs Wookah......

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Compared with other types of hookahs, wooden hookahs are more antique, conforming to the shape of traditional hookahs, and have an elegant style. They give calmness to smoking and bring a little comfort to the impetuous heart. Wood materials give people a more comfortable feeling, unlike metal, glass, etc., people have a cold feeling, not easy enough. High-quality wood gives you a better smoking experience, smooth surface treatment, no burrs, and gentle start, it is worth having.

Wooden hookahs(Wooden bongs) has elegant and steady appearance like Ragel hookahs Wookah.


Wood Vase Choice: Maple Wood, Pine Wood,Walnut wood.

The wooden base will be covered with a food class silicone layer which would isolate the wood base from the water. 

The Wooden Hookahs Body parts:

Make good use of the body combination of the wood and metal parts to avoid the past flavors.

Metal and silicone are easy to wash and do not absorb smells to offer the PURE and CLEAR smoke.


When using the first few times, please put a small amount of product into the smoke pot and slowly suck it. After repeated use for several times, the rod is fully adapted to the heat, and the rod is not easy to be swollen and shattered! Especially cold weather.

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