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Wooden Shisha

Wooden Shisha(Wooden bongs) has elegant and steady appearance like Ragel Shishas......

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The complete hookah kit includes a hookah, a wide handmade clay bowl, a rubber washer, a black wooden hand 65" hose with a metal mouthpiece and a silver round tray. All hookah pipes are unique. Since they are handmade, the color selections and photos listed above can change the dry, vase and hose patterns and colors.


The Shisha Body parts:

Make good use of the body combination of the wood and metal parts to avoid the past flavors.

Metal and silicone are easy to wash and do not absorb smells to offer the PURE and CLEAR smoke.

The ShiSha Tong: 

Tongs could be made from a massive, rustproof steel or aluminum.


SHISHA BOWL: A variety of styles, other materials available

SHISHA tray, nice, classic design, just easy to use

Hose connector: hookah pipe joint, built-in rubber washer link without gap, easy to use

AIR PLUG: It's a small bead inside, it's hard to mess up. You can adjust the tightness to control the amount of smoke

Glass water tank: you can clearly see the water level

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