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Hookah Size Matters? Short Ones VS Long Ones

- Jan 30, 2018 -

A common misconception is that longer hookahs will cool the smoke better before it reaches your month. It is not true, Below are some factors maybe affect your hookah smoking experience.

Does a Tall ShiSha cool the smoke better than a small one?

NO. The key is the water that you placed in your shisha’s base.

Also ice or something else could be added to help cooling the smoke.

Shisha Base Size Is Important?


The hookah base is the first thing that is responsible for the thickness of the smoke and the size of the clouds that the user makes. The bigger is the Shisha base the more smoke is produced which translates to bigger, thicker and richer inhales and puffs.

Hoses matter? 


You may think that hose is just a tube that delivers smoke for you to inhale! Yes, it is. but the quality of the hose is an important factor to your smoking experience. Most of the times, Hookahs come with plastic, not top-quality hoses. I urge you to try using a high-quality hose and compare your experience to the last time you smoked with the plain one.

Conclusion – It’s Not always about length

What is your opinion?

What do matter for you?

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